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Our Mission

Oculym’s mission is to improve access to eyecare by providing a better and more accessible solution.

For 10 years, we’ve been building a healthtech company unlike any other. Thanks to the help of our amazing talented team of engineers, doctors and operators, Oculym is the largest independently-funded company in the eyecare artificial intelligence space.


My practice has been a Oculym Integrated Clinic for over 3 years. Since collaborating with Oculym, my associate optometrists and I have had instant access to ophthalmologists for co-management and consultations that normally would take weeks if not months.”

Dr. Suraj Sharma, OD
Optometrist and Practice Owner

I have been very pleased with what Oculym has done to help us address the needs of our patients. I feel that when optometry and ophthalmology work together in a more collaborative way, the quality of care for our patients is vastly improved. Oculym has been an excellent vehicle to help in this regard.”

Dr. Mark Pitcher, OD
Optometrist and Practice Owner

Working with Oculym has been one of the best decisions for us when we decided to start co-managing more complicated cases such as glaucoma. I would recommend Oculym to any practice that is looking for a telemedicine solution for their patients.”

Dr. Kelsey Ford, OD
Optometrist and Practice Owner



The Beginning

The Care1 eyecare AI validation study is born in Canada, with $1M seed.


Full-Scope Platform

World’s 1st full-scope platform to not require active shutter for 3D viewing.


Analog Visual Field Conversion

World’s 1st tele-eyecare platform to convert analog visual field outputs to digital.


Doctor AI Compensation

World’s 1st tele-eyecare platform to compensate doctors with AI.


Record Consult Speed

World’s 1st tele-eyecare AI to speed up doctors to <1 minute per consult.


Eyecare AI Validation

World’s most clinically validated eyecare AI platform (80,000 patients).


Oculym US Launch

Initial launch of Oculym into the US eyecare space

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