By Dr. Kenman Gan, Founder & CEO 

Oculym is the world’s largest company in the eyecare AI and telemedicine space. The company’s vision is to leverage advanced AI-based technologies to provide the highest level of medical eyecare with the lowest possible wait time, to all patients around the world.

At its core, Oculym’s technology powers the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of full spectrum eyecare, including even the most complex patients with glaucoma and retinal disease. Its technology is powered by a doctor-supervised machine learning design pattern known as Medically Intelligent Deep Learning (MIDL), which trains artificial neurons utilizing a combination of clinical practice guidelines and real-time patient data. Oculym is the world’s most clinically validated AI based on the number of patients it has directly assisted in provision of care. In Canada, Oculym’s technology powers Care1, the world’s largest full-scope teleglaucoma platform.

The platform is exceptionally easy to integrate into clinic operations, and healthcare professionals can onboard basic interfaces in as little as a few minutes. The platform can be accessed by doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare staff on any computer in the world with Internet access.

A massive investment of time and dollars for over a decade has allowed Oculym to create eyecare’s most advanced AI-powered clinical decision support system. Our success so far has been because of our team of revolutionary eyetech visionaries within ophthalmology, optometry, engineering, computer science, industry and business.

We’re excited to reach the next stage as a company, and we’re confident in our vision for eyecare. The sense of possibility, the chance to innovate and make a difference for patients globally, fuels our passion.

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